See examples and explanations below for Web2.0 tools proven to be effective in integrating technology into the classroom curriculum.

eResources for CMCSS are provided at the district level. With information today changing at such a rapid pace it is very important that our student have access and be able to locate valid and reliable resources. Many times a textbook or other print material is out of date when it arrives. More and more we look to the internet for current information. BUT everything on the internet is not factual. Anyone can post anything to the internet. We have a responsibility to see that all students are good consumers of this wealth of knowledge.

Log onto the CMCSS server and use the path below to find and download a copy of eResources with CMCSS usernames and passwords included.> Sharing -->Technology -->Training Handouts


Teacher example - by Amanda Beck
Student example – digital photography classes -

Glogster - Create posters with images, video, audio (uploaded or recorded) and apply a wide range of text effects- note that each one is relatively large sized (may not fit in blog page). Be sure to see Glogster/edu for education related resources and services. Benefits of Glogster in the classroom -

Google Apps for Education - Introduction
  • Our district has joined Google Apps for Education providing each teacher and student a Google account with access to Google resources in an online collaborative learning environment.
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Google Earth -

Inspiration - used with students to organize information, brainstorm, or create time lines. Students are able to include pictures and have access to editing tools that allow the students to be creative while learning. Can be used as an organizational map or outline. Instantly turn a content map into an outline or an outline into a content map.

Visual Thesaurus - Welcome to Visual Thesaurus instructions.

Voicethread - Weave uploaded or flickr imported images into a media presentation with multiple voices. Record audio, video, or add text or drawn annotations. Others can add video, audio, and text comments as well. See also VoiceThread for Education wiki.

PhotoPeach - A very easy to use slide show maker tool. Import photos from flickr, picasa, Facebook (or upload), arrange, select music from library (or find from YouTube videos). Creates Ken Burns like pan and zoom effects. Add captions. When published, you can also post to Facebook or twitter. Teacher example -,

Student example -,

Class examples -

Storybird -

ToonDoo -

Make Beliefs Comix Strip Maker -