Coach Introduction and Schedule

Welcome back! We are excited for the opportunity to work with you to make this a successful and productive year. The scope of our work is changing this year. In previous years, we focused on modeling lessons with teachers. Now, we are focused on collaboratively planning and co-teaching a lesson. Below is our schedule for embedding primarily in a school campus. Remember, even though we may not at your school; we are just an email away.

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Gradebook Set Up -

Recalculate Final Grades before verifying grades for each subject and when a student leaves and comes back.

Technology Updates

  • Keeping your computer up-to-date is vital to ensuring that it is running efficiently. (Remember to back up your documents!)
    • Mac users can upgrade to Yosemite! Contact your Technology Integration Coach for the Apple ID and password.
    • PC users that are running Windows XP will need to complete a technology work order and take their computer to First Aid to have their computer updated to Windows 7.

  • Single sign on with MyLogin
    • The technology department is excited to announce its new Single Sign-on Portal website. This site allows you to log in once to quickly access all your CMCSS My Login web sites from a single page. This enables fast and easy switching between My Login applications because there is no need to sign in to each one separately. The Portal site also helps to establish some consistency in the look and feel of the login process for CMCSS My Login applications. This will also enable you to quickly log into the Resource Reservation and Work Order sites.

    • Note also that the logout button has been replaced by a return to portal button on My Login sites. You will be able to log out of all My Login sites using the remaining logout button which is located inside the Single Sign-on Portal. Always be sure to log out and lock your computer when you leave it. It is your responsibility to secure your machine while you are away.

Technology Reminders

New Applications

  • OneNote Class Notebook and Staff Notebook in Office 365
  • Sway in Office 365
  • BrainPop (Middle School Only)
  • Britannica
  • Edulastic
    • Give students everyday practice with interactive online testing type questions while collecting deep insights into what they know or don’t—and how you can help. Choose from the template library or create and share your own assessments within your school. Receive immediate performance data. Because it is cloud based, it works on any device with internet and can be accessed with single sign-on with a Google Apps for Education account.
    • What is Edulastic?

Google Apps for Education Introduction

  • Our district has joined Google Apps for Education providing each teacher and student a Google account with access to Google resources in an online collaborative learning environment.

  • Why a Google CMCSS account?
    • Adds a layer of security not afforded to you with a personal Google account.
    • All CMCSS Google accounts follow the CMCSS email pattern, which allows all users in the district to share and collaborate with each other easily and efficiently (
    • All students in the district now have a student Google account, which follows the CMCSS student email pattern ( This allows teachers and students to share and collaborate with each other easily.
    • Google CMCSS provides all teachers and students access to Google Apps for Education, which includes Google Classroom.


Gradebook Set Up